Monday, August 9, 2010

\\\musiks - popo bros

ive posted about popo on gordongartrelle but they got hella shit going on again so im finna write some words down about them here too.

the homies popo is zeb and shoaib. they're brothers. dont mean it in some kind of brown people solidarity sense tip. they are actual brothers. although, they did play our greedhead presents minorityfest event which WAS on some pan-minority solidarity tip type joint. popo's finally got a full-length record coming out. mad decent.
this is a good place to peep some old stuff of theres, and a new song from their mixtape of demos approaching that full length. this is a good place to get that mixtape. hopefully the full-length will include this shit, which in my humble opinion gets five out of six computers on the scale i just made up:

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