Monday, August 2, 2010

/////music - dusk + blackdown


i'm from arguably the world's illest city yet you never fail to make me jealous. its been 5 years since i lived inside you, no homo in case you're a male city. your people were kind. your books on india were more conclusive. my time at soas (school of oriental and african studies) showed me how on point your brown people game is. there's reasons for this. there always are.

in the late 1700s some of your white folk stationed in india were really into india. and not in the bad way. they wore turbans and kurta pajamas. they grew facial hair. they spoke hindi. their appropriation was from a good place. can appropriation be from a good place? then the roaring 1800s rolled in and you got salty. 1857 clearly wasn't a good year in indian-british relations. yall were wilding and we decided to wild back. bout fuckin time i thought (a hundred and fifty years later from the safety of a new england university dorm room).

then you let us into your land with other able brown bodies you ruled over and would continue to from within the confines of YOUR land this time. we hung out in the same neighborhoods as these other brown bodies. we mingled. we would eventually hang together like characters in a zadie smith novel, mix like sounds in an asian dub foundation song. mia came out and another prototype of brown illness emerged out of the u.k. while i still tried to relate to tony kanal or the brown guy from sum 41. kanal wasn't so hard. the other dude i couldn't relate to for the life of me.

now in 2010 while i get salty over not having the talent to synthesize the south asian music i grew up listening to with the "urban" (read: black) western music i grew up listening to, you got white people making gems like this:

i can rap though. and i will. all over you and your music london. all over.


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