Thursday, July 15, 2010

wtf//// grace jones car ad

bob weisz just sent this out to the old gordy gartrelle crew. thought i'd share it with you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a list from bear in heaven's adam

one kinda cool thing about being in a band is you become friends with other people in bands. its not something you set out to do, it just happens. im pretty sure it has nothing to do with music and more to do with alcohol than anything else. people in bands like drinking together. adam from bear in heaven is one such friend in a band. he ain't too shabby looking neither (top right corner below). in fact, i used to intern for him (and others) at an editing house where they'd work on mtv shows and pepsi advertisements and things. we go back i guess? my cousin was the cfo and he told the head of the house it was crucial that we put these inventory tags on everything in case we ever move. bullshit. was a fun summer though. they had beer and stuff at the office which i didn't know happened having only worked on wall street up until then...

anyway, earlier the december 2009 week that adam sent me this list i posted lists from yeasayer's anand wilder and most amazing pianist ever vijay iyer:

adam was going to chime in with his top 5 native american church songs for a list involving those other indians but then he didn't. he did chime in with his list of top 5 podcasts, most of which have to do with shamanism and entheogens.

"Man, this is nerdy and probably crazy boring too, but.... here they are, oh, btw, you can just find all these on itunes, just look em up

The Psychedelic Salon
My main man Lorenzo is my favorite. Mostly these are recordings of Terence Mckenna speaking... an unbelievably brilliant thinker, writer and theorist on many many many topics. This man has broken my mind open a million times over and I'm forever grateful for this podcast bringing me countless hours of listening and education. -Pyschonautica
Man, this kid, Max Freakout is a TRIP. Some twenty year old kid in England jumping every topic you could ever find on . Not necessarily the most mature take on the subjects he covers, but it's definitely entertaining.

The Entheogenic Evolution
Dr. Martin Ball is pretty annoying and long winded, but I must say I've learned a whole hell of a lot about sacred mushrooms, jesus, and shamanism, just to name a few.

The Moth
I LOVE this podcast. I'm all caught up with them, bummer. Just simple 10 minute stories from a wide range of personalities. I'm a sucker for the slice of life kinda junk, I'm like with that with films too. This stuff is perfect for the commute.

Stuff You Should Know
Being a southerner.. I'm really just gettin behind these dudes' accents. They're from Georgia like myself, and just like the Moth, I rock this stuff when I have 15 mins to kill. Quick and to the point."

There you have it!

white (cte representer)

white, simply "white", is a rapper on Jeezy's CTE label. the thing about this label is everybody at this label use a code name. its no coincidence they all sold cocaine. they made a lot of money in the dope game, then they put it all in their damn chain. have a code name, they gotta have a code name. move a lot of weight then they get a code name. to reiterate, code name gold chain in the dope game, a lot of diamonds, but probably more code names...

remember that chapelle joke about how the token white boy in the set is probably the craziest because you have no idea what he did to get their respect. those types of vibes here. zip loc hip hop white boy dread lock crip flag can't stop!!! he really did it homie, his team straight guap...

are we post-racial?

i fucks with cte. lets take a trip to florida to see why else i fucks with cte. meet screwwww. fashion folk take note of how his "t-shirt v-neck but (his) pants baggy" (you know, because he carries a firearm).

cheer up screwwww, you're down with cte. 103!!! let's get it!!1

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

welcome to nehru jackets

hi there,

back in 2008 i started a blog called gordon gartrelle,, because thats what the kids were doing back then. gordon gartrelle was the name of a fictional clothing designer mentioned, and real producer working, on the 5th episode of The Cosby Show. initially a blog dedicated to south asian and south asian diasporic visual art, i slowly started to ramble more and more about other brown ppl things, fashion, and music. i invited my friends to join me and they too were good at blogging. particularly, they posted mad funny jpgz. then we all slowly stopped posting. now, because i miss writing words that don't rhyme, im starting a new blog! this is it. welcome. soon enough i'll try to post a best of gordon gartrelle to reacquaint y'all with the binness. i hope for this to be a place i can continue to do the same shit i used to do before.

and so, for my first post of words that don't rhyme i want to share with you words about words that rhyme. particularly this cat Earl Sweatshirt the homie rapper @Despotroast put me on to a couple hours ago.

show me a rapper my age that say he nice as this/
and i show you a faggot that say he hate barbra streisand flicks/
me and bernie swervin in a jeep/
im a nice guy in person but a pervert in the sheets/
and im magic with the words murder merlin over beats/
make the competition kiss the fuckin curb and then they weep/
and then they DROP...

the age he's talking about is 15, probably 16 now. (time flies fast when you're rapping). i turned 25 yesterday which isn't old at all but is older than i felt a couple days ago and now feels even older than it did a couple hours ago with the discovery of this wunderkind ass rappin rapper. (his musics playing on my itunes right now and money just said "try talking on your blog/ with your fuckin arms cut off".) as something of a rapper-guy myself i felt weird about lil b being 19 but this is some next shit. on the flipside of getting older is the joy of nostalgia and there's no lack of that here for older rap fans (not like, skinny jean nazi old but like, i dont give a fuck about the new boys old), with songs about not wanting to wake up for school and cutting class. those were my jams! while watching the following sometimes hard-to-watch video i couldnt help but think of running around causing trouble 13-deep as a 15 year old drinkin forty's, popping pills and burning Ls in new york city.

"EARL" /// Music Video. from AG Rojas on Vimeo.

asher roth, mentioned in the above track, and charles hamilton come to mind as a kindred spirit contemporaries if not influences. eminem comes to mind as a definite influence, both in money's flow and subject matter. you see, he's a little crazy. sweatshirt seems to be fascinated with violence and vomit, homies and homophobia (HE LOVES THE WORD "FAGGOT", it's allll over the jawn), raging and roofies, murder and mayhem, cocaine and couches... but hes a funny dude too. and unlike that other rapper, hes not "making fun of celebz is funny" funny. there's an interlude on his mixtape where his mother waking him up calls him a faggot and he tells her to shut the fuck up. that's not funny? that's mad funny to me. there's this youtube too:

AYO, download his mixtape EARL here and don't say i never put you on to nann..

oh and welcome to nehru jackets...