Thursday, July 8, 2010

white (cte representer)

white, simply "white", is a rapper on Jeezy's CTE label. the thing about this label is everybody at this label use a code name. its no coincidence they all sold cocaine. they made a lot of money in the dope game, then they put it all in their damn chain. have a code name, they gotta have a code name. move a lot of weight then they get a code name. to reiterate, code name gold chain in the dope game, a lot of diamonds, but probably more code names...

remember that chapelle joke about how the token white boy in the set is probably the craziest because you have no idea what he did to get their respect. those types of vibes here. zip loc hip hop white boy dread lock crip flag can't stop!!! he really did it homie, his team straight guap...

are we post-racial?

i fucks with cte. lets take a trip to florida to see why else i fucks with cte. meet screwwww. fashion folk take note of how his "t-shirt v-neck but (his) pants baggy" (you know, because he carries a firearm).

cheer up screwwww, you're down with cte. 103!!! let's get it!!1


  1. yea. boss man himanshu. good blog. good post. I'd like to share some strikingly similar thoughts I had around 4/20 about this dude:

    Also, peep 3:10 - 3:12 on "Code Name" for the best white guy (not White) dancing evar.

  2. super conflicted about his dreads

  3. also peep 1:10 on Code Name for a close up of an original Gordon Gartrelle leather wallet, with expandable guap folds and literally dozens of credit card slots for all your damn code names...

  4. i never even heard taken picture and this dude used to be my favorite rapper before jackie chain was. he did his thing on this.

  5. um